Mono-blocking cleaned and laid

Dundee Garden Services offer a professional mono-block cleaning service in the Dundee and Tayside area.

We can maintain your mono-block to ensure it stays looking fresh making your property more desirable.

If you have a mono-block which is greasy and grimy including a build-up of moss, dirt and grime then your mono-block can become very slippery and dangerous which is undoubtedly an accident waiting to happen.

Why not eliminate those risks with our mono-block cleaning services?

Usually, after a winter period, your mono-block is turned green in colour as moss and algae has a tendency to build up on the surface and between the joints of your mono-block making it extremely dangerous and hazardous to walk on.

Most clients use our mono-block cleaning service as an annual service for their mono-block but, depending on the type of stone from which your mono-block is made from, it may require more frequent cleaning to keep it looking as good as new whilst reducing the chance of a slimy build-up on your mono-block.

Transform your unpleasant looking mono-block into a main feature of your property , not to mention safer.